Kettlebell Price List



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Available Kettlebell Sizes:

Size Price
10lb $41.75
14lb $54.95
8kg/18lbs $65.95
10kg/22lbs $71.45
12KG/26lbs $76.95
14kg/31lbs $87.95
16kg Sm $96.75
16kg/35lbs $96.75
18kg/40lbs $102.75
20kg/44lbs $107.75
22kg/50lbs $112.75
24kg/53lbs $118.75
28kg/62lbs $142.95
32kg/70lbs $153.95
36kg/79lbs $175.95
40kg/88lbs $197.95
44kg/97lbs $241.95
48kg/106lbs $263.95