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RKCInstructorIcons-143x150 Joe Chalakee, RKC, DVRT II
Owner of Kettlebells South Bay

As a life-long competitive athlete with a passion for health and fitness, Joe’s life changed forever in 2007 when he discovered the power of kettlebell training for improving his performance in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In just a few short months, kettlebells became the lifeblood of his training routine, improving not only his athletic ability but providing him with enhanced muscular definition, increased cardiovascular conditioning and more strength and endurance than he had ever had in his life.

Joe’s enthusiasm for kettlebells was so great that he decided to pursue a formal education in kettlebell fitness, with the hopes of bringing the benefits of kettlebell workouts to South Bay Los Angeles. As with everything he does, Joe pursued the best kettlebell training available in the Los Angeles area. He studied the craft under experts in the Russian Kettlebells Challenge (RKC), including Senior RKC Dr. Mark Cheng, chief instructor of popular workout facility Kettlebells Los Angeles and, in 2008, received his RKC instructor certification under the tutelage of world-renown fitness instructor and kettlebell  Pavel Tsatsouline.

In order to provide clients with the best, most effective kettlebell workout available in the South Bay, Joe expanded his fitness instructor credentials to include certifications in Battling Ropes, Ultimate Sandbag and Indian Club. He also teaches classes using the increasingly-popular TRX Suspension method.

Joe holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate, earned a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has trained extensively in Judo and Kyokushinkai Karate. He is also a former professional BMX bike racer with 10 years of experience in the sport.

Armed with the high level of kettlebell, martial arts experience, Joe opened Kettlebells South Bay in 2008. At Kettlebells South Bay, he follows the same established system of proper kettlebell instruction and top-notch quality fitness classes as the best RKC facilities in the nation. He offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in kettlebell, battling ropes, Ultimate Sandbag, and TRX. He is also available for private or small group training.

He can be contacted at or 424-7570-4850 and is available for private or semi private classes.

Instructor Gabriel Alconcel, HKC

Gabriel Alconcel had never even heard of kettlebells before he was introduced to them during the spring of 2009 at Let’s Roll Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Torrance, CA. Gabriel was encouraged to participate in the weekly Saturday morning class that fellow Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, Joe Chalakee RKC, began offering there.

Gabriel was persuaded by the promise of increased stamina, grip and leg strength, power and explosiveness which kettlebell training presented to him. Gabriel began going every Saturday morning with his younger brother to workout with Joe before BJJ training and soon felt the results.

Gabriel kept coming to class and even bought kettlebells of his own. After much persuasion by his coach, Joe Chalakee RKC, Gabriel tested for his Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification, HKC, under Jon Engum Senior RKC at Kettlebells South Bay.

Gabriel has also been coached in kettlebells and physical fitness by the likes of Dr. Mark Cheng, Senior RKC and Pavel Tsatsoline.Gabriel thoroughly enjoys other forms of unconventional training methods such as Battling Ropes, Ultimate Sandbags, and Bulgarian Bag

In addition to kettlebells and unconventional training methods, Gabriel has been practicing martial arts since the age of three, beginning with Filipino combative stick fighting. Thereafter, Gabriel trained extensively in Shotokan karate for over 9 years.

With the boom of mixed-martial arts, Gabriel switched over to Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. Gabriel has trained submission grappling under the likes of Robert Drysdale and Billy Robinson. Gabriel currently trains at Let’s Roll Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Glenn and Jocelyn Chang.

Gabriel is currently training for and pursuing his RKC certification and certifications in various unconventional training methods. As of January 2012 he is now certified TRX instructor.

He can be contacted at or (310)-951-3324 and is available for private or group classes.

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