Programs Offered

Kettlebells South Bay is built around two main programs of study: Kettlebells and Battling Ropes. When combined into a weekly workout program, both methods offer a total body approach to getting in shape. No matter what your current fitness level, you can gain great improvements to your current levels of strength, endurance, personal appearance and physical condition.
The novel approach applied by these methodologies is different from traditional aerobics training and bodybuilding programs.


26lb (12kg) Kettlebell

Kettlebell training entails using the body’s explosive power, momentum, and posture to swing a ball shaped iron weight. Swinging the weight –as opposed to lifting the weight – hits the muscles of the body in a completely different manner.
This allows the body to experience the unique development of the muscles while also undergoing significant increases in endurance and strength. The variety of different kettlebell exercises that can be employed can go on for near infinity. No matter what you current fitness goals are, a kettlebell workout can deliver on expectations.


The “new” concept of battling rope training has been around for centuries. The way battling ropes works is relatively simple – you “shake” very thick nylon ropes in set interval sessions to burn fat and enhance endurance. The tremendous development of the upper body this deliver is a fringe benefit. For those looking to burn of fat and enhance their cardiovascular conditioning, Battling Rope workouts might the long lost solution to getting into great shape.


A Classic from a Past Era Gets Some Modern Innovations. For building endurance, increasing functional strength, and boosting your cardio, sandbag training is one of the best workouts every devised.

Easy and Effective
Sandbag training is simple at its core – you perform workouts while carrying and holding bags filled with sand. The weight of the sand creates the gravitational pull that makes your workouts challenging and produces results. The fact that a sandbag is so malleable it can be incorporated into all manner of different types of workouts. Whether you are performing cardio, bodyweight, or any other fitness exercise, you can add sandbags to the mix.
And this will enhance the benefits you get from the workout immensely. This will be the case even when you perform a low impact workout with very light weight on the sandbag.

The Return of Lost Art
Sandbag training is hardly a new fitness concept. It has literally been around for thousands of years. During the muscle and strongman craze of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, sandbag training was commonly employed when access to free weights was not easy. Sandbag training eventually became a lost art with the rise of modern weight training methods but it has recently been rediscovered along with other old school “Dinosaur” training methods.

Don’t let the fact that sandbag training is ages old make you think it is outdated. Workouts involving lifting, carrying, and running with heavy sandbags build muscle and burn fat. Seriously, do you think weak people built the Pyramids of Egypt? Such early masonry and construction work is where many historians trace the origins of this type of training back to.

Perfect for the Abs and the Core
With modern innovations, the classic method of sandbag training is now integrated with abdominal and core muscle exercises. Building up the core is never easy and innovative methods to keep your core workouts progressive are a must. Sandbag training delivers on these goals.

Sandbag training can make ANY workout more effective. Giving it a try could lead to amazing results.

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